Before honey arrives at the receiving station, the drums are cleaned. At the receiving station, the honey arrives in sealed drums and it is immediately cleaned, sampled, weighted, labeled and registered at the system of the company, in order to allow future control, identification of the income batch, assuring its origin and making tracking strait and safe. The honey is separated and stored accordingly its quality.


The batches are loaded in the company's warehouse while the whole process is supervised by official authorities, who seal the container with single-use security SIF (Federal Inspection Service of Agriculture Department) seals. The sealed containers are road transported to the shipping port.


After the homogenization process, the honey rests overnight in a decantation process that aims to eliminate air bubbles before the final bottling into internally Food Grade drums. Then each container is labeled and taken to storage rooms.

Strict Homogenization Control

After to melt the crystallized Honey, the product goes to a tank that homogenizes it during 6 hours and then decanting the batch over night.

Temperature Controlled at HeatingRoom

If honey decrystallisation is needed as prior homogenization, the honey is sent to the heating room in order to turn it liquid, using the control of temperature, which does not affect the honey quality. The company assure that all properties of the products are preserved.

Lot preparation

Previously to the production or homogenization step the lots are analyzed and grouped according to several criteria, which considers: color, moisture, blossom, in order to fulfill the requirement of the customers.

Sampling and Analysis

Samples of each drum are analyzed in the quality control laboratory.