The honey exported by Apis Nativa are pure, unadulterated, not fermented, cold extracted from completely sealed combs without any additives and chemical residues, especially free of antibiotics, free of bee repellents and bee medicine. The honey follows the international legislation and standards of American, European and Asian markets, among others.

The honey usually is marketed in new steel drums of 290 kgs each one, the regular minimum import quantity is a full container of 20".

SIF – It is a seal issued by Agriculture Department in Brazil, this is a guarantee that this entity inspects and authorizes the Brazilian Industries of products of Animal Origin to market their products inside and outside the country.

True Source – It is a private seal created by an American Entity in order to control and assure the origin of the product to American market.

Fair Trade – The mission of Fairtrade is to connect disadvantaged producers and consumers, promoting fairer trading conditions and empowering producers to combat poverty, strengthen their position and take more control over their lives.

Organic – The seal recognizes and certifies that the product follows the rules of organic production, as non-use of agro chemical, pesticides, herbicides or any aggressive production methods.

Food Defense - The main goal of the program is to protect the food products of intentional physical-chemical and radiological contamination.

Kosher – The seal guarantees that the final product is produced in accordance with the specific standards of the orthodox Jewish diet.

FSMA – Food Safety Modernization Act This legislation seeks to ensure the supply of Food in the USA is safe by changing the focus of the Federal Regulatory Authorities of the reactive position of response to contamination to a position of prevention of the same.