JR Agro: Apis Nativa Director explain about the quality of honeys, six times awarded in the Apimondia Congress.


During the last congress of the International Association of Honey Producers, in Turkey, the Brazilian company Apis Nativa won seven medals referring to the quality of honey and bee wax. Apis Nativa was awarded in all the editions in which it participated in the competition.

In an interview with JR Agro, the director of Apis Nativa, Tarciano Santos, remenbered the history of the company, which came about almost accidentally, when a hive of bees settled in the family's house. Tarciano's father went to research more about beekeeping. He became so interested that decided to raise bees as a supplementary income. Mr. Célio ended up abandoning the profession of biochemist and today the whole family works with beekeeping.