Brazilian beekeeping wins 7 medals at the Apimondia Congress


In the 47th edition of Apimondia, which took place from the 24th to the 27th of August, in Istanbul/Turkey, Brazil wons 7 medals. Parallel to the congress, a contest chooses different products, all related to beekeeping.

The brazilian company Apis Nativa was the only Brazilian company to be awarded, responsible for winning 7 medals, 1 gold medal, 2 silver medals and 4 bronze medals. In the honey evaluation the company appears among the best honeys in the world, winning 5 medals.
Since the company began to participate in the greatest beekeeping congress of the world, in 2007, Apis Nativa won medals in all editions in which it participated.
The Apimondia congress is held every 2 years. The 2021 edition would be held in Russia, but due to the Ukraine war and the pandemic it was postponed to 2022 and transferred from Russia to Turkey.
The first Apis Nativa medal came at the congress in Australia (2007), followed by Ukraine (2013), South Korea (2015), Turkey (2017), Canada (2019) and again Turkey in (2022). This year's achievements resulted from competition between 156 participants from 21 countries that were represented at the event. Only at the Apimondia congress, Apis Nativa already has 23 medals that awarded honey and beeswax, in addition to an Honorable Mention dedicated to the founder of Apis Nativa, Dr. Celio Silva.
The process of evaluating of the honeys entered in the competition is complex and very technical. The honeys are evaluated by an official laboratory that analyzes the physicochemical conditions of the registered samples. A second stage is carried out by a team of analysts who judge the presentation, flavor, aroma and purity of the honey.
For Tarciano Santos da Silva, director of the company, “The medals won by Apis Nativa are the result of the work of a large family that strives to produce the best quality honey. The process starts in the field, where our beekeeper partner takes care of your apiary and the surrounding nature so that the bees can produce honey with the highest possible purity. In the company, raw honey is processed with care to maintain its quality and natural purity. These medals are the result of this healthy partnership and is an achievement that we are proud to dedicate to all beekeepers who are part of the Great Apis Nativa Family.”
Dr. Célio Hercílio Marcos da Silva, patriarch and founder of the company, emphasizes: “Seeing the international recognition of our honey is something that moves us, touches our heart. We work hard for this and we know the need to evolve beekeeping in Brazil. This appreciation abroad is a great incentive for us at Apis Nativa and for the beekeeper community across the country. This achievement belongs to all of us.”