Apis Nativa takes part in Conbrapi - Brazilian Beekeeping Congress in Brasília.


On November 24th, 25th, and 26th, Apis Nativa made its presence felt in Brasília to honor the Brazilian Beekeeping Congress. The event, bringing together experts and beekeepers from across the country, provided a platform for discussions on the promising future of Brazilian apiculture, showcasing innovations, and, above all, the opportunity to reunite with friends.

With a significant number of beekeepers from various regions of Brazil, the congress facilitated a valuable connection between the company and producers, creating space for constructive dialogues and negotiations.

According to Rúbia, Apis Nativa's purchasing manager, the congress stood out as the best event in recent years for exploring new business opportunities and strengthening ties with beekeeping partners. "Brazil is vast, and we don't always have the opportunity to interact personally with our partners due to geographical distances. Technology facilitates communication, but it doesn't replace the value of reuniting with friends and engaging in face-to-face conversations. It was extremely rewarding to welcome the beekeepers and reaffirm our partnership," emphasized Rúbia.

Despite the climatic challenges faced in some regions of the country, optimism regarding the 2024 harvest was evident. The lively atmosphere and high expectations of beekeepers during the event indicate an extremely positive outlook for the coming years, reaffirming the notable strength of Brazilian apiculture.